British Passport Online Application


This is a four-step process:

Step-one: Fill out and submit the below application

Step-two: You will get an email requesting some additional documents and request for payment.

Step-three: Courier in your documents to our office.

Step-four: Get your passport directly from HM Passport office (click here for processing times).

Note: If you prefer a paper application, please click here Renewal or First
Click here for FAQ’s

Note: If your UK passport is more than 5 years expired please choose First passport option
Have you had a change of name
If not sure, leave blank
If not sure, leave blank


Step-two: How do I send in my documents?

When you have completed the step-one, you will be getting an email from us with instructions. You will have a few choices to send us the electronic documents.

  • Scan or take a photo of your phone and email (just respond back to the email we send you)
  • Upload your documents to our website portal (portal link will be provided in step-two).
  • Courier or mail it (57 Westchester Dr. London, ON N6G 2K6)
  • Text us your documents to 416-962-2623 (include your first and last name and send one photo text at a time).

Step-three: What physical documents will I have to submit?

We will give you a list of documents you will have to send us in step-two.

See the document list below:

Original British passport: Anyone that has one
Confirmation of Identity: Anyone that lost their passport or is applying for the first U.K. passport (we will send you this document, with instructions. For more info, click here)
Original birth certificate(s): First U.K. passport.
Marriage certificate: change of name for U.K. passport Renewal or  First passport.

How do I send you photos?

In step-two, you will have to send in some photos to us. See below with options:

  • Any recent photo on your computer or phone can work. Just send it to us (see options above), we will do the rest, see example:
  • Go to local passport photo location and courier it to us.

I am missing some documents, example, birth/marriage certificate?

You can order this yourself, or for an extra fee we can obtain it for you. Just email us and we will do the rest.

I am nervosa sending original documents, any other options?

You can order a replacement or ask us to order one for you (extra fees apply). You keep the original.

How will I be getting my passport and documents back?

HS Passport office uses DHL courier to send you the new passport. A second DHL will come two weeks after with your documents (example: old passport, and certificates).

How does tracking work?

HS passport office will send you, text or/and email with updates.

What is the cost difference if I did this process myself vs. using you?

Click here for our do-it-yourself tutorial, it has pricing and a lot more.

What is the différance with the online application vs. paper application with your company?

With the paper application, we are more hands on in the process. General if you are applying for a first U.K. Passport, or you just don’t like dealing with technology, the paper application is a better choice. Note, the paper application does cost more money.

Is it fast if I use you vs. doing it myself?

If you did it perfectly, the timelines would be the same. The major advantage with us:

  • If we need to send additional documents (example: something missing or requested by HM Passport office), you don’t get charged for additional couriers costs to the U.K., we take care of this.
  • You will have less to worry about getting things correct.

Can I get an urgent passport?

You would have to speak to the British Embassy in your home country (Washington, D.C. or Ottawa)