Renewing Your British Passport

If your passport is red, renewing your British passport is simple. In order to renew your passport, you need the following documentation:

  • your original or expired UK passport
  • UK passport photos which meet the specifications (35mm by 45mm with a face between 29mm and 34mm tall)

Once you have your photos, you can apply for your passport in one of two ways:

You can either renew your UK passport online directly with the UK Passport office or through a private company who will receive your paper, fax or email application and submit it online for you.

Complete a paper application instead

Online UK Passport Application

Before you begin your application, you will need your documents including

  • your current valid or recently expired UK passport

Start your application online here. Once you have clicked the “Start Application” button you will have to chose your country of residence:

First page of your UK passport application

On the next screen, you will have to indicate that this is a renewal application. If you are not renewing your passport, please see this page for first time applications.

Renew your UK passport

After you have chosen, “Yes, I have had a British passport,” you have to indicate whether or not you will be able to provide it:

Lost or Stolen UK passport

If you can provide information about your last passport, you also have to provide its condition:

Next, you must indicate what type of British national you are. There should be a code on your passport if you are not sure. Note: not all British Nationals are citizens.

British Passport Application

Now it is time to enter your passport details, beginning with your passport issuance date:

Old Passport Issuance DateYou must now select what type of passport you have:

Passport Type

The next question concerns whether or not you have changed your name since your last passport. This question is primarily for women who have married.

Has your name changed?

The next step is to agree to providing new passport photos:

Passport Photos

And the next step is to enter basic details about yourself:

Passport Eligibility SummaryNow you must agree to not travel internationally while your passport application is in progress.

Promise not to travel

The next step is to enter your personal information:

Passport Personal Information

The next step is to enter your contact information:


Contact DetailsThe next step is to provide information about the passports you are sending:

Old Passports

The next step is to provide the applicant’s details:

Applicant's details

The next step is to review your application before you pay:

Passport Application Review

You also have to prove that you are not a robot:

Prove You Are Human

Now you must confirm your email address.

Confirm Email Address

The next step is to pay the passport application fee:

Pay your passport fee

Finally, review your application and print off your declaration form:

Confirm application details


Paper UK Passport Application

Paper applications are no longer available to be submitted directly to the UK government. If you wish to submit a paper application, complete ours by going to the homepage and clicking the button. Immigroup offers full service UK passport applications where we take all the worry and hassle out of the process. Look up our reviews on Google or Facebook to see how happy our UK passport clients are.


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