Blue UK Passport

As part of Brexit, British citizens will soon be getting their beloved blue passports back. But what if you haven’t had a valid UK passport since the last time the UK issued blue passports. Can you renew your UK passport the normal way?

Renewing a Blue Passport

In order to renew your old, expired blue passport, your application must be submitted as if it was a first time UK passport application. The reason your application will be treated as if it is a first time application, and you are a first time applicant is because the old blue passports do not contain any of the modern security features that the current red passports contain. (The new blue passports will contain even more advanced security features.)

British passport applications are no longer submitted by mail; the UK Embassy in Ottawa does not accept them, the passport processing centre in Washington, DC has closed and the Durham Passport office no longer accepts mail. Passport applications must be submitted online. If you wish to submit your passport application by mail, please print off a copy of our application form and send it to us. We will process it online for you.

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