UK Passport Renewal from USA

Key Takeaways

  • You have to renew your passport online at HMPO’s website by answering a series of questions, uploading a digital photo of yourself, and paying the fee of £86. Courier fees and other fees for consulting are separate.
  • You have to gather supporting documents and mail those to the HM Passport Office in Durham UK, using a courier with tracking services. If you also have an American Passport you must send color copies of every page of your American passport.
  • Your new passport will be sent to the home address that you provided to HM Passport Office’s website. It should take about 4 – 6 weeks, but if you have to travel urgently, you can apply for a Travel Document. You can receive updates on your application by email and/or text message.
  • Your supporting documents will be sent back to you a few weeks later in a separate package.


Renewing your UK Passport from USA has changed. As of early 2017, for overseas renewals, HM Passport office switched from a paper application to an online process. You now need to create an online account, upload a digital passport photo, and forward your documents to the HM Passport Office in Durham, UK.

You will get your new passport back by courier. The total cost for an adult British passport from United States will be £105.86, as well as approximately USD$100 courier costs. A child’s passport costs £75.86. Alternatively, you can use a third-party company like Immigroup, where we still use a paper application. Click here to learn more.

Paying the fees from USA
A standard passport is £86 for an adult and £56 for a child, plus a £19.86 courier fee.

 What are the exact steps:

  1. Create an account with the HM Passport office and fill in your details online.
  2. Upload digital photos and pay your fees.
  3. Courier your documents to HM Passport in Durham, UK.
  • If you also have an American passport, you must send copies of all pages of your passport, even if the passport pages are blank.
  • Send expired or expiring British Passport
  • Send PEX number (Click the Tip link below to learn more).

Tip: Click here for a step-by-step guide showing each step.

Can I have the old OS application form instead?

Not if you are going to do it directly through the government. They have completely stopped using paper applications for overseas passport holders. Alternatively, you can use a third-party company that can give you a paper application, and they will create an online account for you. They will also convert your regular passport photo into a digital photo. This website you are on is a third-party website dealing with UK Passports since 2004. Click here to download the paper application option.

Process times for a UK passport renewal from USA?

As of late 2022, it takes at least 4-6 weeks from the date you send the document to the date you get your new passport.

I need an urgent UK Passport renewal from USA. What can I do?

To get an urgent British Passport in Unted States, you must apply for British Travel Document. This document has its limits.

  • Limit of 5 countries of travel
  • Date and travel places will be printed on the Travel Documents (No change allowed).
  • Visa may be required (most countries don’t give visa exemptions to Travel Document holders).

For urgent UK passports from USA, please contact the British Embassy. Click here for contact info.

(coming soon) Click here for more information about British Travel Documents.

For everyone that does not want a travel document, the only thing you can do is send a perfectly completed application. If you are not detail-oriented, or technology does not come easy for you, consider paying our firm to file everything correctly and quickly.

How should I courier my documents to Durham, and what is the expected cost?

Send your documents to Durham by courier. They’ll get there faster, and you’ll have a tracking service for your package. As far as cost, you can expect to pay anywhere from CAD 90 to over CAD 150. See our chart below for the fees charged by the major courier companies in America.

Tip: do not use regular mail (have tracking). Click here to find a courier service in USA.



UK Passport OS application in the USA


I would like to contact someone from the UK government from USA.

Click here for full information about the HM Passport office.

Click here for a full directory of all British diplomatic missions in USA.

How long is the passport good for?

10 years.

My passport expired a long time ago, is this a problem?

If it has expired for more than five years, you must apply for a First Time British Passport. Click here to learn more.

Can you give me more info about the digital photos?

(coming soon) Click here to get all the solutions around digital photos.

Do I have to send my UK Passport from USA?

Yes, even if it’s not expired, you must send it. You will get it back with the corners clipped.

What about countersignatures from USA? 

No need for countersignatures unless HM Passport office requests one.

Should I use regular mail or a courier?

Use a courier with tracking. For best practice, always have tracking when sending government-issued documents, like passports.

What courier firm should I use in USA?

US postal obx
Man drops off mail package with envelope from his car at a USPS mail drop box outside the post office


Here is a chart to help you make a decision.

Tip: Don’t send without tracking!

Courier Company in United StatsTotal CostOur rating
US PostUSD$69.95Location – everywhere in USA
DHLUSD$114Huge international network
UPSUSD$40 to 85Value!
FedExUSD$97 to 140Expensive but top-quality service


I will be travelling to the United Kingdom soon. Can I renew my passport when I am there?

Yes, just make sure you have enough time to do so. Click here to start your research.

Can I have an American passport and a British passport?

Yes, dual natioanlity is allowed.

My British Passport is lost or damaged?

Click here to resolve this issue.

United Kingdom Embassy and Consulate Services in America.

British High Ebassy in Washington

3100 Massachusette Avenue,
Washiongton, DC, 20008

Click the link for full contact information:

British Consulate General in Atlanta
Britihs Consulate General in Boston
Britihs Consulate General in Chicago
British Consulate General in Houston
Brtish Consulate General in Los Angeles
Brtish Consulate General in Miami
Brtish Consualte General in New York
Britih Consulate Gereral  in San Franciso

Click here for the website URL

How many British Passport holders are in America?

The number must be big, considering that 23% of the American population has British heritage.
Find out how to get your First UK Passport.