Replacing Your British Passport

To replace your lost, stolen or damaged UK passport, the procedure is a little different from a regular renewal application.

  • The most important difference is that you must cancel your passport passport before replacing it by using the LS01 form to report it lost or stolen.
  • Then you must renew your UK passport.


Cancelling Your British Passport

Please note: If your passport is damaged and you want to replace it, you do not have to cancel your passport first.

The first step to cancelling your lost of stolen UK passport is to get the LS01 form. You can do that in one of two days:


Completing the LS01 Lost or Stolen British Passport Notification Form

Complete the following steps, identified by the section number on the form:

  1. Details of the Lost/Stolen Passport:
    • Surname (last name)
    • Forename(s) (given first and middle names)
    • Date of Birth in DD/MM/YYYY format
    • Town of birth (or city, or village)
    • Country of birth
    • Passport number (only if you know it)
  2. Details of what happened to the Passport:
    • Indicate whether it was Lost of Stolen
    • Date you lost it or it was stolen in DD/MM/YYYY format – approximate date if you are not sure
    • Town or City of loss/theft – if you know where it happened
    • Country of loss/theft
    • How was the passport lost/stolen? A list of options is provided but if your situation doesn’t fit into a category, you need to write an explanation
  3. Police Report: Only mandatory if your passport was stolen. Immigroup strongly recommends reporting a stolen passport to the police before submitting this form
    • If stolen, has the theft been reported to the police? Yes or no answer.
    • If it has been reported to the police, complete the following details:
      • Date reported to the police in DD/MM/YYYY
      • Police Station where the theft was reported – try to get the name of the police station and its contact information
      • Police crime or incident reference number – it’s better if you have this
  4. Name of the Person Completing this Form – Someone else can report your passport stolen or lost in special circumstances, which is why this section exists. If you’re a parent reporting your child’s passport lost or stolen, you must have custody of the child.
    • Surname
    • Forename(s)
    • Relationship to Passport Holder (i.e. parent)
  5. Contact Detail of the Person Completing this Form – Because they are not going to contact the passport holder directly if someone else is completing the form
    • Phone Number – must be a number you can be reached at
    • Email Address – should be an email address you check often
    • Current Address – include the number, street, city or town but not the zip or postal code
    • Country
    • Post Code – include the postal or zip code here
  6. Completing on behalf of a child (under 16) – Only complete if you are reporting your child’s passport stolen or missing
    • Do you have parental responsibility for the passport holder? – this means “do you have custody?”
    • Is there anyone else with parental responsibility who has the passport that you are reporting as lost/stolen? – This question concerns separated or divorced parents who have had an acrimonious split and one parent is holding the passport hostage
    • Is everyone with parental responsibility aware that you are reporting the passport lost/stolen?
  7. Declaration: “I understand that completing and returning this form will result in the related passport being cancelled, that it must never be used again and, if subsequently found, it should be returned to Her Majesty’s Passport Office. I also understand that I will need to make a separate application if I wish to replace the passport declared lost or stolen. The information on this form is true to the best of my knowledge and belief and I understand that I shall be liable to prosecution and could face a prison sentence if I include anything that I know to be false or do not believe to be true. I also understand that Her Majesty’s Passport Office holds and uses data for purposes notified to the Information Commissioner under the Data Protection Act 1998 (which may be consulted at Information about the lost or stolen passport may be shared with appropriate public and private sector authorities who can assist in locating and recovering the missing passport.”
    • You acknowledge the passport will be cancelled and cannot be used again.
    • You acknowledge that if you find the passport, you will send it to the Passport Office in Durham.
    • You acknowledge that if you want to replace your passport, you still need to complete a renewal application.
    • You attest that the information you supplied is true to the best of your knowledge.
    • You acknowledge that you could be prosecuted for making false statements.
    • You agree that information provided in this form can be shared with the appropriate authorities trying to look for the passport.

Once you have completed all the applicable questions, you must sign the form. So, if you completed the form online, you have to print it off first.


Submitting the LS01 Lost or Stolen British Passport Notification Form

You can submit the LS01 form at one of the following locations:

Type of OfficeConsular RegionAddressEmailPhone Number
British High CommissionCanada80 Elgin Street
Ottawa Ontario K1P 5K7
Canada 237 1530
British Consulate GeneralAlberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba5100-150 6 Ave SW
Calgary Alberta T2P 3Y7
Canad 705 1755
403 538 2181
British Consulate GeneralQuebec2000 McGill College Avenue
Suite 1940
Montreal Quebec H3A 3H3
Canada 866 5863
British Consulate GeneralOntario777 Bay Street, Suite 2800
Toronto Ontario M5G 2G2
Canada 593 1290
British Consulate GeneralBritish Columbia, Yukon and Northwest Territories1111 Melville Street, Suite 800
Vancouver British Columbia V6E 3V6
Canada 683 4421

If you are in the UK, you can report the passport online here.


Renewing Your Passport

Once you have cancelled your lost or stolen passport, you can renew. Please see our guide to renewing your passport.