British Citizenship Vs. British Nationality

What is the difference between British citizenship and British nationality?

“British nationality” is a broad term, encompassing at least 6 different current official meanings plus different historical meanings. British citizenship is only one type of British nationality.

Just because you are a British national, and even if you are have a British passport, doesn’t mean you are a British citizen.

Do you have a British passport but you are not sure if you are a British citizen or just a British national? Learn about

The 6 Types of British Nationality

What is British Citizenship?

Full British citizenship gives you all the rights British citizens are entitled to

  • the “right of abode” in the United Kingdom (England, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland) – that is, the right to live and work
  • the right to vote in elections
  • the right to run for public office
  • the right to apply for occupations restricted to citizens.
  • visa-free access access to over 170 countries (with a passport).

However, British citizenship no longer entitles you to European Union citizenship.

Getting British Citizenship:

There are only three ways to get full British citizenship:

This website is intended to help British citizens getting their passports through descent, so taht’s what our information focuses on.

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