British Citizenship Vs. British Nationality

Key Takeaways 

  • There a 6 types of British Nationality.
  • Only 2 types are also British citizens: British Overseas Territories Citizen, and British Citizen.
  • Only citizens have the additional Right of Abode, Right to vote, the right to travel visa-free to over 170 countries, and other rights as well.
  • Citizenship can be acquired through: birth/adoption, descent, or naturalization.

What is the difference between British citizenship and British nationality?

“British nationality” is a broad term, encompassing at least 6 different current official meanings plus different historical meanings. British citizenship is only one type of British nationality.

Just because you are a British national, and even if you are have a British passport, doesn’t mean you are a British citizen.

Do you have a British passport but you are not sure if you are a British citizen or just a British national? Learn about The 6 Types of British Nationality.

What is British Citizenship?

Full British citizenship gives you all the rights British citizens are entitled to

However, British citizenship no longer entitles you to European Union citizenship.

Getting British Citizenship:

There are only three ways to get full British citizenship:

This website is intended to help British citizens getting their passports through descent, so taht’s what our information focuses on.

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