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If your mother or father was born in the United Kingdom, but you aren’t eligible for a UK passport because you were born to a British mother before 1983 or you were born to a British father before 2006 and your parents were unmarried, you need to register as a citizen before applying for a passport.

Apply for your fist passport

To get your passport, you need to register your citizenship with the British authorities.

Your new British passport will entitle you the “Right to Abode” – the right to live and work in the United Kingdom – as well as to live and work in the EU.


  • Registration as a UK Citizen
  • First UK Passport
  • Application reviewed for completeness and filed with the UK government
  • Supervision by a Registered Immigration Consultant (RIC)

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We’ll review your British citizenship application for accuracy and completeness, register you with the UK authorities and file your passport application with the British passport office.

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Download the application

Please complete both the order form and application forms included in our pdf. Be sure to include your telephone number and email address where you can be contacted.

Fax or email in your application

Fax or scan and email all forms and documents in the document checklist to our office for review at 416-640-2650 or

We Will Contact You

You will be contacted within 1 – 2 business days regarding your Britisih citizenship application. If you have not been contacted after 2 business days, please contact our office at 1-866-760-2623 to confirm we have received your order.

Provide Original Documents

After we have reviewed your forms and documents, we will advise you to send the original forms and copies of documents to our office at 57 Westchester Dr, London, ON N6G 2K6 Please send by Xpresspost. (If you would prefer to send by courier, please call us at 1-866-760-2623 for instructions.)

We will register you as a British citizen

Your original documents will be returned to you directly from the UK Border Agency in Great Britain. Upon approval, you will be invited to appear at the British Embassy or Consulate closest to your residence to take the oath of citizenship. You will receive a Certificate of Registration as a British Citizen at this time.

Receive your UK Passport

When you have completed the oath process, our office will begin the passport application procedure.

Once your application is approved, your UK Passport will be couriered to you by DHL.

If you were required to submit any original documents for the passport portion of the application, these will also be couriered to you by DHL in a separate package.

Timeline: How long does it take?

It usually takes 4-7 months to for your registration as a British citizen application, depending on various factors.

It will then take 4-8 weeks to process your UK passport.

Why You Need Your UK Citizenship

What You Cannot Use Your UK Citizenship for

    • British citizenship does not make you Canadian, nor does it make you a citizen of any other former UK colony, such as Australia or New Zealand.
    • Unfortunately, British citizenship through inheritance only passes down one generation so your children are not British citizens, unless you yourself were born or naturalized in the UK. You would have to move to Britain with your children, get them visas and have them live in the UK for years in order to get citizenship for them.

What You Can Use Your British Citizenship for

    • You can get a British Passport to travel to the UK without a visa and enter without an entry stamp.
    • You can live in work in the UK once you get your UK passport.
    • Once you have your British Passport, you are entitled to visa-free entry into the Shengen area and working and living in the Shengen area, at least as long as the UK remains in the EU.

Common questions

If your mother is British, and you were born outside of Britain before 1983, you need to register before you apply for your passport.

If your parents were unmarried at your birth, you are claiming your UK citizenship through your father, and you were born before 2006, you need to register before you apply for your passport.

How do you know if you’re a UK citizen?

UK nationality law has changed many times. Prior to 1983, British citizenship could only be inherited through fathers. Prior to 2006, British citizenship could only be inherited if you were born in wedlock or if you were born to an unwed British mother.

If you fall into either situation, you have to register as a citizen first.

It depends upon why you need to register. There are two general cases:

If you were born to a British mother before 1983, you need to provide the UK government with:

  • Your long-form birth certificate, containing both your name and your mother’s;
  • Your Canadian passport;
  • Your mother’s UK birth certificate;
  • Your mother’s UK passport (if available).

If you were born to an unmarried British father before 2006:

  • Your long-form birth certificate, containing both your name and your father’s (this certificate must have been issued within 1 year of your birth) OR
  • A DNA test proving your parentage OR
  • A court order naming him as your father OR
  • Other evidence that demonstrates paternity;
  • Your Canadian passport;
  • Your father’s UK birth certificate;
  • Your father’s UK passport (if available).

Why choose us?

  • We have submitted numerous citizenship registrations over the last decade. In that time we’ve also filed hundreds of UK passport applications.
  • We have handled every conceivable type of issue with British citizenship applications, and know exactly what differentiates a successful application from one that will be delayed, rejected, or abandoned.

Get Your UK Citizenship

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We’ll review your application for accuracy and completeness and file it with the UK passport office in Durham.

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