UK Passport Renewal Service


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Paper application, CDN$544.25/USD$415, click here to start.
Online application, CDN$544.25/USD$415, click here to start.
Do-it-yourself, CDN$300/USD$260, click here to learn more.

Renew Your British Passport

Renewing your British Passport is simple with IMMIgroup. We have been helping British expats renew their passports for years.

In order to renew your passport, complete the forms by clicking on the button to your right and downloading them. Fill them out and email or fax them to us. Simple as that.

Start the simple 6-step process to renew your UK Passport

  1. Download the renewal application. Please complete your U.K. passport renewal application and the order form included in the pdf with your contact details and payment information.
  2. Email in your application Scan and email, or fax all forms and documentation listed in the document checklist provided for review to
  3. We Will Contact You. We will call you to confirm the receipt of your fax/email and discuss your case. Please do not mail your application to Immigroup without an initial review by our UK passport experts, as we will need to tell you exactly which documents you will need to send at a later stage.
  4. Submit Your Original Documents When Requested. After one of our UK passport experts has reviewed your forms and documentation, Immigroup will advise you by phone or email to send the originals of your passport forms with photocopies of your documentation to us at 57 Westchester Dr. London, Ontario, N6G 2K6
  5. Complete the Mandatory Declaration Form and Send it to us. The UK passport application process has changed: to get your British passport, you now have to sign a unique declaration form. We will send you your unique Declaration Form, and you must sign the form and mail it back to us. (You cannot email it or fax it, we need the original.)
  6. Receive your British Passport You will receive your new UK Passport by in a DHL courier package. If it was necessary to submit original documents to the passport office in the UK, you will receive these in a different DHL envelope, usually at a later date.

Why You Must Renew Your British Passport

What You Cannot do without your UK Passport

  • If you are not yet a Canadian citizen, you cannot travel outside of Canada without a valid UK passport and a valid PR Card.
  • If you were born in the UK, it’s harder to pass on your British citizenship to your children if you don’t have a valid UK passport.
  • If you don’t have a valid UK passport, you cannot work in the UK or EU without a work permit.

What You can Do With Your British Passport

  • Travel visa-free to 156 countries (more than Canadians), including the Shengen area.
  • Live, work or study in the UK or the European Union.
  • Receive assistance from UK authorities abroad.

Common questions

  • Who Can Renew a British Passport?

    You can renew your passport if you are renewing a red passport and your previous passport was an adult passport.

    If this situation doesn’t apply to you, you need to apply for a first passport.

  • I lost my passport, what do I need to do?

    If you have lost your passport or it has been stolen, you will need to file a passport renewal application and also complete the LS01 form, the lost or stolen passport form.

  • Is it faster to renew my passport?

    Unfortunately, there is no official difference in processing times between first time applications and renewals.

    However, in IMMIgroup’s experience, renewal applications that are properly completed and supported by the correct documentation are processed faster than renewals, though the official timeline is still 4-8 weeks.

Why choose us?

  • We have filed hundreds of UK passport renewals, including applications for those who haven’t renewed their passport in decades.
  • We have handled all sorts of issues with UK passport renewal applications, and know exactly what differentiates a successful application from one that will be rejected or abandoned.