Child’s UK Passport

Apply for Your Child’s UK Passport in Canada

Follow the easy 6-step process to get your child’s British Passport

  1. Download the application

    Please complete the order form and application forms included herein. Make sure to include your telephone number and email address where you can be contacted. Ensure your residential address is listed in section 7 rather than section 1a.


    If you are unsure if your child qualifies for a U.K. passport, you must complete the assessment form included in the application package. It is highly recommended that people who are not absolutely certain they can claim U.K. citizenship also complete the assessment form.

  3. Fax or email in the application for your child

    Fax or scan and email all forms and documents in the document checklist to our office for review at 416-640-2650 or

  4. We Will Contact You

    You will be contacted within 1-2 business days regarding your application. If you have not been contacted after 2 business days, please contact our office at 1-866-760-2623 to confirm we have received your order.

  5. Provide Original Documents

    After we have reviewed your forms and documents, we will advise you to send the original forms and copies of documents to us at 57 Westchester Dr, London, ON N6G 2K6 Please send by Xpresspost. (If you would prefer to send by courier, please call us at 1-866-760-2623 for instructions

  6. Receive your child’s UK Passport

    Within 4 – 8 weeks your original documents will be returned from the British Embassy. Then, your application will be forwarded to the UK for production of the passport. Our office will contact you when your passport and original documents have been received.

  7. Leave a Review

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Timeline: How long does it take?

A passport application usually takes 4-8 weeks, whether first or renewal. Registration as a British citizen takes significantly longer, as includes both the registration processing time and the 4-8 week processing time.

There is no way to expedite a British passport application. Note: One-time use emergency passports are available in emergency situations but must be applied for in person at your local British High Commission, Embassy or Consulate.

Why You Need Your UK Passport (Proof of British Citizenship)

What You Cannot Use Your UK Passport for

  • A British Passport does not entitle the bearer to Canadian citizenship (or Permanent Residence), or to citizenship of any other former UK colony.
  • A British Passport does not necessarily entitle the bearer to “the right of abode” – the right to live and work in the UK. Whether or not you have the “right of abode” depends upon your type of British nationality.
  • A British passport does not necessarily entitle your children to British citizenship.

What You Can Use Your UK Passport for

  • Travelling to the UK without a visa or entry stamp.
  • If you are a British citizen, you can live in work in the UK.
  • A British Passport entitles you to visa-free entry into the Shengen area and, if you are a British citizen, to working and living in the Shengen area.

Common questions

  • I have a UK passport. Is my child a British citizen?

    Your child is a British citizen if both of the following are true:

    • You were born or naturalized in the UK.
    • Your passport code has GBR in it. (This means “British Citizen.”)
  • How do I prove my child's British Citizenship?

    If you are a UK citizen by birth or naturalization, you need to both prove your citizenship and the fact that your are the child’s biological parent, as part of the passport application:

    • Proof of citizenship: a birth certificate from England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland, the Isle of Man or one of the channel Islands.
    • Proof of parentage: your child’s long-form birth certificate with your name on it.
  • What is the age limit for child passports?

    If your child is younger than 16 years of age on the day when the application is being submitted, then your child needs a child’s passport. Otherwise, they need an adult passport.

Why choose us?

  • We have filed more hundreds of first time UK passport applications, renewals and more complex applications.
  • We have handled every conceivable type of issue with UK citizenship claims and know exactly what it takes to get a passport approved.
  • IMMIgroup’s success depends on our people. Our firm can only prosper and grow when we continually improve ourselves and the service we perform. However, we recognize that success is not measured only by the number of applications approved. We are measured as much by the way in which we achieve our goals as we are by the actual achievements themselves. We believe that an uncompromising commitment to values and integrity is integral to the goals we hope to achieve.

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