How Long Does it Take to Get a UK passport?

  • The processing time is between 4 and 8 weeks to get your British passport.
  • If you need to register as a British citizen first before applying for your UK passport, it will take close to 6-9 months: 4-7 months to register as a British citizen and up to 2 months to get your passport.
  • Any communication with the UK passport office, including any requests for additional documents, will add to the processing time.

First Time UK Passport

The processing time for a first time UK passport is normally between 4-8 weeks provided your case is a routine one. Routine, in this case, means one or both of your parents were born in the UK.

If the UK Passport Office has to contact you or request additional documentation for any reason, you can expect the processing time to increase. However, if you provide everything necessary to prove your citizenship, you might get your passport application approved within as little as 4 weeks.


Renewal UK Passports

Unfortunately, the processing time for renewing your British passport is the same as a first time application: 4-8 weeks. If you provide all necessary documentation to prove you previously held a UK citizen passport, you may have your British passport application approved in as little as 4 weeks.

If you are renewing the old blue passport, you can expect additional delays and may be required to provide additional documentation not normally required for a renewal passport application.

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Registration as a British Citizen

If you must register as a British citizen first, because of one of the following conditions, the process is a two-part procedure:

  • You were born to a British mother before 1983
  • You were born to a British father, but your parents were not married, before 2006

If either of the above cases apply, you can expect Registration as a British Citizen to take anywhere from 4 to 6 months and then the first UK passport application will take an additional 1-2 months.

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